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ENGL 098-099

Fundamentals of Writing 098

Reading Improvement 099


ENGL 098-196 CRN 42128

ENGL 099-196 CRN 41840


Community College of Philadelphia

Fall 2010 Semester

Camden City Campus




Breaking News from Your Professor!


What was on the Blackboard last week?


The Academic Writer's Mantra: 

"Complex Ideas, Clearly Expressed" 

                     Professor David Hodges
          Office Hours

       Bonnell Building B1-9L
      MWF 10:00-11:00 by Appointment


      (856) 854-8385 Home Office


     (856) 979-6653 Cell Phone

               dhodges@ccp.edu  (if I'm your professor)
               davidbdale@comcast.net  (if we're friends)
               Monday/Wednesday/Friday  8:00-10:00 AM
         Bonnell Building B1-01

Professor Conferences


     Each students will conference at least once

     per semester beginning Week 5



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This wallpaper is amazing!

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